Childbirth Educators

Childbirth Educators

HypnoBirthing of Southern Oregon

Helping families prepare for a gentle natural birth as nature intended

We’ve been working to help women in natural birth for over 30 years now and HypnoBirthing is absolutely THE MOST EFFECTIVE philosophy and technique for childbirth preparation that we have ever encountered.
HypnoBirthing moms are more conscious, more alert, more aware than we have seen in other moms during childbirth. They are deeply focused within, but they are NOT in some kind of far-away trance state, or out of body state. It is very common for a HypnoBirthing mom to tell US when she knows her waters are about to release, or that she knows and feels her baby moving down. Deep calm relaxing, lots of focus and connection with baby, less “drama” and more PRESENCE.
The 5-class series, designed for couples, repeats throughout the year. We invite parents to return to as many classes as they desire throughout their pregnancy at no additional charge.
HypnoBirthing is about:
·Conditioning the body-mind for deep relaxation during labor and birth
·Learning how to breathe the baby down without hard pushing (better for mom and better for baby)
·Forging a deeper and deeper bond between parents and baby, prebirth and during birth and postpartum


HypnoBirthing of Southern Oregon
Jae Rowan, Rhione Zeixchel LDM, HBCE
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La Clinica

Centering Pregnancy Groups

910 S. Central Ave., Medford OR 97501

La Clinica provides quality, affordable, wellness-focused health care at 17 locations across Southern Oregon and specializes in care for women at its Family and Women’s Health Center at 910 S. Central Ave., Medford.

Our primary mission is to provide care to Jackson County residents with lower income levels, but our patients reflect every age group, race, ethnicity, and income level found in the community.

For pregnant women, we offer the services of a team of certified nurse midwives, with the option of delivery at any Jackson County hospital. We also have family physicians and an obstetrician on staff.

In addition to traditional prenatal care, we operate Jackson County’s first CenteringPregnancy program. This innovative, research-based group approach to prenatal care offers women the opportunity to move through pregnancy with the services of a midwife while also learning about prenatal and parenting topics and enjoying a community of women at the same stage of pregnancy. A staff lactation consultant helps with breastfeeding issues.

La Clinica accepts the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) and more than 200 other types of insurance and offers an income-based sliding scale for uninsured women. Everyone is welcome—we don’t turn away anyone who needs our care.

Rosie Faith


Rosie Faith Sacred BirthWeaver

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Jen Hook


Many women today still value the decision to birth their babies without the aid of anesthetics.  For many, birthing naturally is a deeply satisfying experience that is cherished throughout one’s lifetime.  The birth of one’s baby is a life changing event and participation is such a miracle is truly fulfilling.

Although birth is quite the brilliant phenomenon, the endeavor a woman must take to achieve this can be challenging.  Not only does a woman need the knowledge surrounding labor, delivery and postpartum; she also must possess the tools necessary to find deep within herself the strength needed to complete the journey.

Class Curriculum:

~ Emphasize the significance of the partner’s role, providing him/her with skills and knowledge to enrich the birthing experience.

~ Pain coping practices and techniques through a guided labor simulation.

~ Relaxation and comfort practices using massage, aromatherapy, music, and breath awareness.

~ Creative ways to labor – building a new pain coping mindset.

~ Creative journaling and art.

~ If you must have a cesarean, learn how to have a more positive experience.

~ Become familiar with the terminology, process and stages of labor and birth.

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